Square Root Algorithm

Now we are going to see square root algorithm

  • Place bar every pair of digits starting with unit digit. Each set of numbers or a single number is called period. The number  of bars denotes the number of digits in the square root.
  • Now we need to put the largest square less than or equal to the first period. Write the square root  of this number as divisor as well as quotient.
  • Subtract the product of the divisor and quotient from the period and write the next period to the right side of the remainder.
  • Now we have to double the quotient as it appears and enter it with a blank on the right for the next digit as the next possible divisor.
  • Then we have to guess a digit to fill the blank and also to become the new digit in the quotient. Write the digit at both places. Multiply the new digit in the quotient and the new divisor. Subtract and bring the next period.
  • Repeat the last two steps until the period getting finished

Now we are going to see how to find square root of any number.


Find the square root of 962361


In the first step we have to put bars to the each pair of number. So that we have put bar to the numbers 96 , 23 and 61. Now we need to think the nearest square of a number which is less than or equal to 96. Here 9 x 9 = 81 this is closer to the number 96.

 Then we have subtracted 81 from 96 and the remainder is 15.

We have multiplied double "9" so that we got 18. Next we have

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