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In this page "Problems on percentage", we are going to have some practice problems-on-percentage which are usually asked in SAT exam and other competitive exams.By practicing these problems, students can improve their aptitude skills as well as they can know the time consumption for SAT exam & other competitive exams.

1.Express 32% in a simplest fraction.

(A)  5/17
(B)  8/25
(C)  7/38

2.Express 5/8 as rate percent.

(A) 62.5 %
(B) 41.6 %
(C) 21.2 %

3.There are 1200 boys and 1000 girls in a school.If 60 % boys and 40 % are associated with any sports, what will be the percentage in total no of students who are associated with sports?

(A) 50.91 %
(B) 45.5 %
(C) 31.12 %

4.The passing marks in an examination is 50%. A gets 10% less marks the passing marks; B gets 100/9 % less marks than of A and C gets 700/1 % less marks than (A + B). Find out whether C is passed or failed.

(A) Passed
(B) Failed
(C) Not to decide

5.After 20% increase in the tax of a commodity,its consumption gets reduced by 30%. Find out the percentage increase or decrease in the form tax.

(A) 50% decrease
(B) 18 increase
(C) 16% decrease

6.If 5% of a number is 22.50,what is the number?

(A) 250
(B) 450
(C) 200

7.How much % of 3 metre is 75 cms?

(A) 15
(B) 20
(C) 25

8.How can (0.756) x 3/4 be writen in the form of fraction?

(A) 52.15 %
(B) 20 %
(C) 56.7 %

9.The radius of a circle is reduced by 50%, how much percent will be the decrease in its area?

(A) 75%
(B) 70%
(C) 60%

10. If every side of a square is increased by 50%. How much percentage will be increase in its area?

(A) 180%
(B) 175%
(C) 125%

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1. 8/25

2. 62.5 %

3. 50.91 %

4. Passed

5. 16% decrease

6. 450

7. 25

8. 56.7 %

9. 75%

10. 125%

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