Practical Problems of lcm

In this page practical problems of lcm we are going to see some practice problems. For each question you can find solution with detailed explanation.



(1) Henry walks 60 cm in one step and Rahim walks 75 cm in one step. Determine the shortest that either of them can measure by an exact number of steps. How many steps will each take to cover that distance?

(2) Three boy start running round a circular track in a sports stadium. They start at the same time and run in the same direction. The first boy takes 10 minutes,the second boy takes 12 minutes and the third boy takes 15 minutes to go round once. After how many minutes will they be together again? How many rounds would each run before they are together again?

(3) On a highway,banyan trees are planted on one side and neem trees on the other side,starting from the same place. Banyan trees are planted at intervals of 32 meter and neem trees a intervals of 40 meter. At what distance from the beginning would a banyan tree and neem tree stand together on either side?

(4) What is the smallest number which when divided by 36 and 48 leaves a remainder of 6?

(5) In a school,the students are arranged in rows for mass drill. If 28,35 or 42 students are kept in a row and no row is kept incomplete,every time 10 students are left over. Find the least number of students assembled for the parade.

(6) Garlands having 48,30 or 72 rose flowers in each are to be prepared.Find the minimum number of lowers that would be required to make the garlands. How many garlands of each kind can be prepared?

(7) Three bells ring at a time.After that,the first bell rings every 3 hours, and second bell rings every 4 hours, and third bell rings every 5 hours. After how many hours will they ring together?

(8) What us the least number which when divided by 15,20,25 leaves a remainder 10?

practical problems of lcm practical problems of lcm