Place value

Place value of a digit depends on its position or place in the number. Each digit's place has a value of 10 times the place to its right digit.

The numbers, we use today, 0 to 9 which are known as Hindu-Arabic numerals.


In any number, the right most number denotes the one's place. Next number denotes the tens place and left to tens denotes the hundreds.

To read easily the numbers in the standard form, commas are used to separate a group of three digits. 

ten thousands thousands hundreds tens ones

Example: Expand the number 94.

Solution:  The number 94  has two digits. The right most number is 4. It denotes one's place. The next digit to the left of ones one's place is,  tens' place.

     So the expanded form is 

                                    = 9 tens + 4 ones

Example: Explain the value of  the number 978.

Solution: 978 has three digits. The right most digit denote one's digit. The next one denotes the tens' place. The left most digit denote the hundreds' place.

So here we have 9 hundreds plus 7 tens plus 8 ones.

                     = 9 hundreds + 7 tens + 8 ones.

               The table shows the value of digits in standard form.

billion hundred millions ten millions one million hundred thousands ten thousands thousands hundreds tens ones

Example: In 876,050,975 what is the value of 6?

Solution: 6 represents 6 millions.

Example: Say the value of 5 in 75,000,875.

Solution: The first right most five is in one's place.

             So it denotes 5 ones.

             The next five is in millions' place.

              So it denotes 5 millions.

Example: Write it in standard form.

            Thirty five millions, eight thousands, nine hundreds and forty five.

Solution: 35,008,945.

Practice problems

 Find the value of 3 in the following numbers.

  1. 9, 379.
  2. 4 thousand millions, three hundred eighty five thousands, nine hundred and twelve.
  3. 3,000,786,913.

        Students can try the above practice problems on their own, so that they can master in place value. Teachers and parents can encourage the students to do the problems on their own. If you are having any doubt you can contact us through mail, we will help you to clear all your doubts.

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