Perimeter and Area Solution5

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Question 5 :

A garden is in the form of a triangle. Its base is 26 m and height is 28 m. Find the cost of leveling the garden at Rs 5 per m².


Base length of triangle field (b) = 26 m

Height of triangle field (h) = 28

To find how much area to be leveled, we have to find the area of the right triangular field.

Area of right angle triangle = (1/2) x b x h

                                       = (1/2) x 26 x 28

                                       = 13 x 28

                                       = 364 m²

Cost of leveling the garden = Rs 5 per m²

Required cost = 364 x 5

                     = Rs 1820

Therefore the required cost is Rs 1820