Perimeter and Area Solution3

In this page perimeter and area solution3 we are going to see solution of some practice questions.

Question 3 :

Mani bought a square plot of side 50 m. Adjacent to this Ravi bought a rectangular plot of length 60 m and breadth 40 m for the same price. Find out who is benefited and how many sq. m. are more for him?


Side length of square (a) = 50 m

Length of rectangular plot = 60 m

Width of rectangular plot = 40 m

Cost of square plot = Cost of rectangular plot

To find who is benefited we have to find areas of both filed

Area of square field = a²

                            = (50)²

                            = 2500 m²

Area of rectangular filed = Length x Width

                                   = 60 x 40

                                   = 2400 m²

From this we come to know that area of square filed is more. To find the benefited area we have to subtract area of rectangular filed from area of square field.

                              = 2500 - 2400

                              = 100

Therefore we can decide Mani got more benefit than Ravi by 100 m².