In this page we are going to see definition of percents in math and also practical usage.

Definition :

When we express a quantity as a part of 100, we use the word per cent. "Cent" means hundred."Percent" means per hundred. To understand this topic clearly let us consider the following example.

Jeniffer got the following marks in mathematics in the three monthly test. In the first test she got 15 marks out of 20. In the second test she got 20 marks out of 25 and in the third test she got 46 marks out of 50.

Is she progressing in mathematics? How can we compare her performance in the three tests?

First test 15/20,second test 20/25 ,Third test 46/50.

We can compare 15/20,25/25 and 46/50.

The L.C.M of 20,25, and 50 is 100.

1520 x 55 = 75100

2025 x 44 = 80100

4650 x 22 = 92100

Her marks 92100 > 80100 > 75100

We find from these that Jennifer is improving in mathematics.

Here we have converted the marks for maximum of 100.
8 marks out of 10 is 80 ;12 marks out of 60 . 16 marks out of 64 is 25 cent. The symbol "%"

If an equivalent fraction with denominator 100 is found, that equivalent fraction expresses the per cent.We have also given practical problems on this topic.The students who need to improve their knowledge must practice this kind of problems.This is very important topic in math.The students who are in the lower grade and who are preparing for the exams GED must learn this topic.If you have any doubts in this topic you can mail us to get the clear clarification.