Metric System

Metric system can be defined as decimal system of units based on the meter as unit length, the kilogram as unit mass, and the second as a unit time. Every country in the world is using this system although many products are still manufactured in common sizes for public use. It was devised by the French scientists in the late 18th century to replace the chaotic collection of units then in use. The primary aim of this effort was to create a system that did not rely on a miscellany of categorize standards, and to use decimal system rather than fractions.Here you can see the types of metric units and conversion table.In mathematics we are using these measurements frequently,than conversion table we have given examples also. This is not hard to learn most of the people just try to learn it the hard way.We are using the this system in our practical life. For example if a person is going to grocery shop.He wants to buy milk.In which way will he ask?

1. Give me 1 kgm milk.

2. Give me one liter milk.

3.Give me 1 cm milk.

Here, the second way is correct. Because the other units like kilograms and cm are being used to measure the solid elements and distance respectively.So we should not use those measurements for measuring liquid items. Learning this only requires a few references and a way to use them in everyday life.When you get a thermometer or a scale, get a digital. Because these will let you show only metric units. It is too simple to think in the new units if you don't have the old ones around.

Despite the metric system has been modified and developed since it was invented , the basic concepts have had changes hardly. The tools or instruments which are being used to measure something are modernized due to the development and innovation in science and technology. But the units like kilogram, liter, meter have never been changed.

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