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In this page math terms startingwith V we are going to see definitions of mathematical terms starting with the letter "V". We have listed out almost terms in math startingwith V.In math also it is very important to know the meaning of many important words which are being used in the subject math.Each term is defined and examples are provided where ever it is necessary. Links are given for every words, by using this students can learn the meaning and its application more clearly.




A symbol that represent a quantity in an algebraic expression


An element in vector space which has both magnitude and direction

Venn diagram

Venn diagrams or set diagrams that shows all possible logical relations between two or more sets.


In Geometry vertex is an angle point of any shape or angle. In graph theory vertex represents a node.

Vertical angles

If two lines are intersecting then the angle formed by opposite are called as vertically opposite angle and it is equal.

Here angle EAD is vertically opposite to the angle BAC. Angle EAB is vertically opposite to angle DAC.So they are called as vertically opposite angles


A horizontal line drawn as a part of a fraction or radical.


Total amount of space enclosed inside the solids.This is a quantity of measurement of space inside a three dimension closed surface.This is usually noted by the alphabet "V" and sometimes "Vol".

Vulgar fraction

Common fraction is called as vulgar fraction.


variables can be represented by the alphabet which given one value or set of numbers  or other objects.

Vector space

A vector space is set of vectors that can be linear combination or  linearly merged. Vector space over the field F.

Value of algebraic expression 

value of an algebraic expression The number which is the result of evaluating an algebraic expression.
Example: the value of 3y +8 = 11 .If we solve this equation we will get 1 for the variable y.

These are the words in math terms startingwith V.

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