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In this page math terms startingwith m we are going to see definitions of mathematical terms starting with the letter "M". We have listed out almost terms in math starting with M.In math also it is very important to know the meaning of many important words which are being used in the subject math.Each term is defined and examples are provided where ever it is necessary. Links are given for every words, by using this students can learn the meaning and its application more clearly.Here are the math terms startingwith m.



Magic square

 Magic square is a square of order n is an arrangement of n² numbers, such that the sum of all n numbers in each row, column and diagonal is same. The constant for each row, column and diagonal is called as magic constant 'M' and expressed as 


Mass of an object is the fundamental property of the object. It is measure of amount of matter in the object.


Median is the middle value of the given (arranged in either ascending or descending order) numbers.


Mean is same as average. It is calculated by adding all the given series of numbers and divide the sum by the number of the given numbers.

Example: Find the mean of 2,3,5,6,5,7,7.

Mean = (2+3+5+6+5+7+7)/7 = 35/7 = 5


Mode is nothing but most repeated value in the given number pattern.

Example: Find the mode of 2,3,3,3,6,7,7,2,9

Here the most repeated value is 3.So we can decide 3 is the mode of the pattern.

Mid point

The point that exactly in the middle of the number pattern.

Example: Find the midpoint of 2,4,13,10,0,6,8,1,9

In the above pattern the middle value is 0.So the midpoint is 0.

Midpoint of the line segment

the point which lies exactly middle is called midpoint.

Midpoint of the line segment = (x1 + x2)/2 , (y1 + y2)/2

Mixture problems

Mixture Problems or Allegation is the area where we can know the ratio in which we have to mix two type of ingredients to produce the mixture in a specified price. This is one of the important topics of SAT Preparation, aptitude skills ,competitive exams .

Major sector

The major region between an arc and two radii joining the center to the end points of the circle is called a major sector.

Minor sector

The minor region between an arc and two radii joining the center to the end points of the circle is called a minor sector.


Multiplication is nothing but adding the same number over and over. This is also called repeated addition. This would be very useful for kids.Without memorizing this table we cannot do any multiplications problems.


An algebraic expression which is having single term is called the monomial.
Example 3x,2y,2a


Determine the intervals of x for which the curve is decreasing or decreasing using the first derivative test is called monotonicity

Magnitude of a vector

The modulus or magnitude of a vector a vector is a positive number in which is a measure of its length and is denoted by |a vector| = |AB vector| = AB.

These are the word in math terms startingwith m.

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