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In this page math terms startingwith g we are going to see definitions of mathematical terms starting with the letter "G". We have listed out almost terms in math starting with G.In math also it is very important to know the meaning of many important words which are being used in the subject math.Each term is defined and examples are provided where ever it is necessary. Links are given for every words, by using this students can learn the meaning and its application more clearly.Here are the math terms startingwith g.




The greatest common factor is the largest of all common factors


Geometry is a branch of mathematics dealing with line, angles, shapes and their properties. It discuss with physical shapes and dimensions of the body. Geometry is divided into Plane geometry and solid geometry

Geometric Mean

It is a type of mean that indicates the central tendency or value of numbers. Geometric mean of two numbers, a and b is the square root of product of those two numbers.

Geometric sequence

A sequence is said to be a G.P if the ratio of each term,except the first one to its proceeding is always by a constant.This constant ratio is called the common ratio of the G.P is denoted by r. The general form of A.P is


Geometric series

We have three formulas to find the sum of the series.One of the formula will be used depending upon the value of the common ratio (r) that we get.

  • sn = a( 1- rn)⁄( 1 - r)
    if r < 1

  • sn = a( rn - 1 )⁄( r - 1)
    if r > 1

  • sn = na
    if r = 1

  • Sum of infinite series sn = a ⁄( 1 - r)

Graph paper

Graph paper is a sheet which plays vital role in math and physics.We can use this paper and solve many problems in math particularly in the topic of algebra.In some topics of mathematics,we may have to do many steps to find solution for a particular problem. If we use a graph sheet, we can easily arrive the solution instead of doing many steps.

General form of equation of line

The general form of any equation of line will be in the form of ax + by + c = 0.

Golden ratio

In math, two numbers are said to be in golden ratio, if the ratio of sum of two numbers to the greater number is equal to the ratio of the greater number to the smaller number.

Glide reflection

In geometry Glide reflection is a type of isometry of the Euclidean plane. It is a combination of reflection and translation.

Graphing absolute value function

| x | > 2
Before graphing we need to write the given function as the following

x > 2 (or) x < -2

Therefore the interval notation is (-infinity,-2) and (2, + infinity)

Gradient of the line

Let a straight line cut the X axis at A. The angle theta between the straight line and the positive direction of the X axis when measured in the anticlockwise direction is called angle of inclination.The tangent of the angle of inclination is called slope or gradient of the line.

Geometry Dictionary

Geometry dictionary is the place where we can find meaning, definition and explanation etc for the geometric terms which are being often used by the students.

These are the word in math terms startingwith g.

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