Natural numbers :

Set of all numbers which is beginning with

1, 2, 3, 4.........

is called as Natural numbers. This can be denoted by the symbol N.

Negative Numbers :

Numbers which are less than zero are called negative numbers. Negative numbers are written with a negative sign. 

Examples :

-3, -5, .....

Negative Statement :

In math and logic s negation is used for defying the negative statement. For every statement 'p', the negation statement is 'not p'.

The negation is denoted as ~ p, or −p, or ¬p. The truth value ~ p is opposite of truth value of p.

Number Line :

Number line is a picture of a straight line, on which every point is assumed to denote a real number, and a real number. to a point. Number line makes it easy to say which no. is greater or which number is smaller. No. line gives the clear concept for addition and subtraction.

Usually these are drawn horizontally. Positive number lies on the right side and negative numbers lie left side of 'zero' on the line. Lines are representing continuous numbers(infinite number) on both side

Net :

A two dimensional figure that can be folded into 3 dimensional object.

N gon :

A n sided polygon.

Node :

A node is a connection point.

In a directed graph the neighborhood of a vertex v in a graph G is the set of vertices adjacent to v. Usually the neighborhood is denoted N(v). The neighborhood will not include v itself.

For example

In the below graph neighborhood of E that is

N(E) = {A, B, D} and N(F)  =  {D}.

Nanagon :

In geometry Nonagon is a nine sided polygon.

Non Convex Set :

A set of points in which not all segments connecting points of the set lie entirely in the set.

Non Collinear Points :

Three or more points that do not lie on the same line.

Non Coplanar Points :

Four or more points that do not lie on the same plane.

Numerator :

The lower part of a fraction is called numerator.

Negative of a Matrix :

The negative of a matrix A is -A and is obtained by changing the sign of all the entries of matrix A.

Non Singular Matrix :

A square matrix A is said to be a non singular matrix, if |A| ≠ 0.

Normal Line :

The line which is perpendicular to the tangent is called normal.

Number System :

Writing system for expressing numbers. Arabic numerals and Hindu-Arabic numerals are commonly used numeral systems.

Negative Vector :

The vector which has the same magnitude as that of a vector but opposite direction is called the negative pf a vector is denoted by -a vector.

That is AB vector = a vector and  BA = -a vector.

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