Math questions, this  is the word of which most of the people are afraid. Particularly in schools, the students would be afraid of the questions which are being asked in math tests, examinations, home work etc. Apart from the above mentioned word, even some people are always afraid of the subject math. The reason for the fear on the subject math is that the people have not learned the subject math in a proper way. The proper way to learn the subject math is as follows.

Step : 1

Understand the concept of a particular topic properly.

Step : 2

Come to know about the formulas which are being applied in that particular topic to solve problems.

Apart from the above two steps, we have one more important step that we always have in learning. That is understanding the question. 

Step : 3

Understand the given math-question properly.

Let us discuss the last step in detail. Whenever a student faces a math question, immediately the start applying the formula and working on the problem. But a very important thing is, first we have to understand the given inputs. That is information given in the question. And we have to see what output is expected in the question. That is the target of the question. 

In this way only we have to approach the question. Then only we would be able to give the right answer for a math question.

Let us see how this technique works on a math question. For that we can consider the following example. 


In a school, there are are 720 students. Out of these 720 students, the number of girls and the number of boys are in this ratio 5:3.In this situation, some new girls and new boys are admitted in the school. The number of new girls admitted in the school is 18. Find the number of new boys admitted in the school so that the ratio of the number of girls to the number of boys in the school is 3:2.

How to understand this question:

When a student sees this question, he may feel that this is difficult question to be solved. But, once the question is clearly understood, this problem can be easily solved.

First let us take and understand the information given in the question one by one. 

We can list the information as follows.

1. Total Number of students : 720 students

2. Girls : Boys = 5:3

3. No. of new girls admitted = 18

4. No. of new boys admitted = x

5. Girls : Boys = 3:2 (After new admission)

When we see the original question, it is paragraph and we might have felt that the problem is difficult.When we see the list of information above, it makes us to feel that the problem is not difficult and it can be easily solved.

This is the technique, we have in understanding a math question.

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