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Math Dictionary-X deals with words starting with the letter X. In this page, we are going to see about the words which are having the initial letter “x”. Let us take the following words which are having “x” as initial letter.

x, X, x-axis, x- coordinate, "x" intercept, “x-y” plane, “x-z” plane.

We might have already known the above listed of words which are having “x” as the initial letter. Beyond our knowing about these words and also the meanings of the words, some more additional information are available for the following words x, X, x-axis, x- coordinate, x- intercept, “x-y” plane, “x-z” plane.

It is vital for the Students who study math to be knowing the additional information of the above words listed which are having the “x” as initial letter. For getting the additional information of the words, students might have to explore in web for each word alone and or they may be spending some time to have that additional information of those words. To avoid the students’ burden, we give some more information for the words with the initial letter “x”.

Math dictionary-x words are as follows:


    A symbol used in Algebra to denote unknown quantity in an equation. Example: x+5=9


    Value of 10 in Roman numerals


    The axis which is horizontal in a coordinate plane


    The first coordinate in any ordered pair(x,y). It is also called abscissa.


    The point at which the value of y is zero.

    “x-y” plane:

    If a plane is formed with the two co-ordinate axes “x” and “y” , then it is called the “x-y” plane. Hence, the plane which has been formed with the two co-ordinate axes “x” and “y” is “x-y” plane.

    “x-z” plane:

    Whenever a plane is formed with the two o-ordinate axes “x” and “z” , then it would be called as “x-z” plane. So, the plane which is being formed with the two co-ordinate axes “x” and “z” is “x-z” plane.

    We had discussed words starting with 'X' in this page math dictionary-x.

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