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In this page Math Dictionary-u, we are going to deal with the words which are starting with the letter u. We are huge number of words in math which are starting with the letter “u”. Here we can consider the following words in math which are starting with the letters “u”

Undecagon, undefined terms, unequal, uniform, uniform scale, union of sets, unit, unlike terms and uni variable data.

In the subject math, once we come to know these words, we would not able to study some concepts which are being based on the above mentioned words. In order to have a clear understanding of the concepts which are being based on these words, we have to be knowing some more details about the words which start with the letter “u”. We do not only understand the concepts with more details of those words. Apart from understanding the concepts of some topics in math, we can solve many difficult problems, if we know more details about these words.

Now, we can see some more details which our Dictionary of "u" gives for the above words which start the letter "u".

Math dictionary-u words are as follows:


    A polygon with 11 sides 11 angles. It is also called us Hen decagon. Canadian dollar is in the shape of undecagon.

More math dictionary-u words are as follows:

Undefined terms:

A term used without a specific mathematical definition.


The terms or conditions or sets which are not equal. It is denoted by '≠'.


Things or sets or objects which are same in size, design, so on.

Uniform scale

A scale in which the numbers are uniformly placed.

Union of sets

For two sets A and B, the operation union is defined as,the set which are containing all the elements of set A and set B, without repeating elements.

The symbol for union is '∪'.


A standard quantity used in measurement. Example:An inch is a unit of length, pound is unit of weight so on.

Unlike terms:

Terms that involve different variables or same variables with different exponents. Example: 3, 3x, 4x², 5y⁴ all are unlike terms.

Uni variate data:

Data for single variable.

Quote on Mathematics

“Mathematics, without this we can do nothing in our life. Each and everything around us is math.

Math is not only solving problems and finding solutions and it is also doing many things in our day to day life. They are:

It subtracts sadness and adds happiness in our life.

It divides sorrow and multiplies forgiveness and love.

Some people would not be able accept that the subject Math is easy to understand. That is because; they are unable to realize how the life is complicated. The problems in the subject Math are easier to solve than the problems in our real life. When we people are able to solve all the problems in the complicated life, why can we not solve the simple math problems?

Many people think that the subject math is always complicated and it exists to make things from simple to complicate. But the real existence of the subject math is to make things from complicate to simple.”

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