About our logarithm calculator

Logarithm Calculator is a much useful tool for students who are studying the subject math. When students want to find logarithm of a value, they use log table. When students use log table, they have to spend time to search the value. In our logarithm calculator, students can easily get logarithm of a any value . 

Why do people need this solver?

Apart from the regular calculator, people who study math are in need of this logarithm-calculator. Because, when people work out lengthy problems, they may not have time to search values in logarithm and also they might get wrong values from the log table in urgency. At that time, logarithm of a number  would be an additional burden for them in solving lengthy math problems. To reduce the burden of those people, we have provided online calculator for logarithm.

Using the calculator in solving word problems

When people do preparation of solving word problems in which logarithm involved, they may have to spend time to get idea on "How to solve". In this situation, they would not like to spend time to search value in log table. And also they would not be able to use the regular calculators to find logarithm of a number. By using this online log calculator, students will find much time to get idea of solving the word problems.  

Advantages of using this log calculator

When students want to find logarithm of a particular number, they use log table. But , they will be able to get logarithm of a number from the log table, only if its base is 10. If the base is other than 10, they can not use logarithm table. They have to use the concept "Change of Base" and use the log table. When students use our logarithm calculator, they will be able to find logarithm of a value for any base and also students can get anti-log of any number. In our calculator, students can set base as they wish. We have provided some regular bases. They are e, 10 and 2. In case, the base of the logarithm is other than these three, they can use the option "other" to take any number as base. So, please go through the instructions provided before use the calculator.  

How to use our calculator:

  • Click "Logarithm" or "Anitlog" button.
  • After clicking the button, enter the number for which you want to find logarithm or anti-log. 
  • Then, select the base.
  • If your base is other than e, 10 and 2, simply click "other" and enter your base in the box.  provided.
  • After giving all required inputs, please click  "ENTER".  


      e   10     2   Other                                                                                 



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