Imperial Units

In this page imperial units we have given some of the conversion.A metric system can be defined as decimal system of units based on the meter as a unit length, the kilogram as a unit "mass", and the second as a unit "time". Every country in the world uses the metric system although many products are still manufactured in common sizes for public use. The goal of this effort was to produce a system that did not rely on a miscellany of different standards, and to use the decimal system rather than fractions.As both metric and these units are in general use, you have to be able to convert between these two systems.The below list contains a number of useful conversion facts which you will need in the examples and exercises that follow. There are a number of ways of converting between imperial and metric units.Sometimes the answer is obvious, for example if we want to convert 500 miles into kilometers.We know that 5 miles is approximately 8 km, so 500 miles must be approximately 800 km.On other occasions, we need a method to help us. It is possible to convert between units by multiplying or dividing by a particular value, but we still have to know what the value is.In the examples below we will see a method for converting between units in this way.


To convert into multiply by
Centimeters Inches 0.39
Metres Feet 3.28
KiloMetres Miles 0.62
Square Metres Square feet 10.76
Hectares Acres 2.47
Square kilometres Squar miles 0.39
Cubic Metres Cubic Feet 35.32
Litres Pints 1.76
Litres Gallons 0.22
Grams Ounces 0.04
Kilograms Pounds 2.21
Tonnes Tons 0.98


To convert into multiply by
Inches Centimeters 2.54
Feet Metres 0.31
Miles Kilometres 1.61
Square feet Square Metres 0.09
Acres Hectares 0.41
Square miles Square kilometres 2.59
Cubic Feet Cubic Metres 0.03
Pints Litres 0.57
Gallons Litres 4.55
Ounces Grams 28.35
Pounds Kilograms 0.45
Tons Tonnes 1.02

Now we are going to example problem to express the advantage of this table. Example:
A briefcase is measuring 24 inches length and 18 inches height. What is the diagonal length of the briefcase?. Give the answer in centimeter.


A briefcase will be in the form of rectangle.
length of the briefcase = 24 inches
breadth of the briefcase = 18 inches

Here triangle ABC is the right triangle and now we need to find the length of AC.So
AC2 = AB2 + BC 2
AC2 = 242 + 18 2
= 576 + 324
= 900
AC = √ 900
AC = 30 inches
We need to give the answer in centimeter.From the table we come to know to change the answer into centimeter from inches we have to multiply by 2.54
So the required answer is 30 x 2.54
That is 76.2 centimeter.

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