Problem 1 :

If two lines intersect, then the vertically opposite angles are

 (A) Equal            (B) Perpendicular           (C) Not to equal


Problem 2 :

If a side of a triangle is produced, so the exterior angle so formed is equal to the sum of the interior opposite angles. The above statement is

 (A) False             (B) True          (C) Neither


Problem 3 :

Find the sum of the digits of square of following number

111 111 111


Problem 4 :

What is the value of x in the below figure ?


Problem 5 :

Find the value of x and y in the following figure ?


Problem 6 :

In the year , the United States will host the  International Mathematical Olympiad Let I, M and O be distinct positive integers such that the product  M  O  =  2001. What is the largest possible value of the sum I + M + O ?

(A)  23          (B)  671         (C)   1008


Problem 7 :

Find the smaller and larger angles in the following figure


Problem 8 :

Each day, Jenny ate 20% of the jellybeans that were in her jar at the beginning of that day. At the end of the second day, 32 remained. How many jellybeans were in the jar originally?

(a)  40                 (B)  50             (C)  60


Problem 9 :

Chandra pays an on-line service provider a fixed monthly fee plus an hourly charge for connect time. Her December bill was $12.48, but in January her bill was $17.54  because she used twice as much connect time as in December. What is the fixed monthly fee?

(A)  $5.06           (B)  $6.24        (C)  $7.42


Problem 10 :

Find the slope of the line passing through

(5, 6) and (15, 9)


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1. Equal

2. True

3. True

4. 35

5. 75, 105

6. 135

7. 35, 55

8. 6

9. Rising line

10. 3/10

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