Geometry Questions

Here we can find Geometry questions which are frequently asked in math exams conducted in their schools.Students can use these questions for practice prior to their exams. These questions are not only asking in the math exams . People who are going for placement exams and who are preparing for entrance exams for higher education also can practice these question to get high mark. Here you can find 10 questions.If you have any difficulties in doing this problem you can contact us to get better guidance.

Definition of the term geometry: Geometry is a part of mathematics. It is related with discovering properties,measurement and the relations ship with planes,point,line,angles and shapes. This word is derived from two Greek words "Geo" meaning earth and "me-tron" meaning measure. This is indicating that early it concerned itself with the measurements of the earth. The Egyptians were one of the first people to use this. They used them to survey land as early as 1300 B.C.The study of that was further carried on by Greeks.Thalas (600 B.C) and Pythagoras (540 B.C) were the major contributors. In fact the Pythagorean theorem is still considered as one of the most important theorems.

Problem : 1

Find x and y value from the following figures: [Answer for reference : x=20°, y=30°]

Problem : 2

Find each of those angles [Answer for reference : x=20°]

Problem : 3

In each of the following, find x and y [Answer for reference : x=19, y=8]

Problem : 4

Answer for reference x=48°, y=12°

Problem : 5

If the ACB is 66° then find the angle ADB [Answer for reference : Angle ADB= 66°]

Problem : 6

Find the measures of angle APD and angle ACD formed in the segment APCD [Answer for reference : Angle ACD=APD=75 degree]

Problem : 7

Find the angle ACB[Answer for reference angle ACB=90 degree]

Problem : 8

Find the measures of angle PQS and angle RPS [Answer for reference : Angle PQS=50 degree angle RPS = 50 degree]

Problem : 9

Find the measures of angle DFE and angle FED [Answer for reference: Angle DFE=45 degree angle FED = 85 degree]

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