Fraction Worksheets18

In this page fraction worksheets18 you can find 5 question in the concept of multiplying two fractions.This worksheet will be very useful to the students who are in the grade of 4th,5th and 6th grade students.Before look in to the question first let us consider the meaning of fraction.A fraction is the ratio of two numbers which is containing two parts.Usually we write fraction as 2/7. In this fraction the upper part(2) is known as numerator and the lower part(7) as denominator.We have three types of fractions.

1. Proper fraction

2. Improper fraction

3. Mixed fraction

Proper fraction is normal fraction like the previous example (2/7). Always the numerator will be more than the denominator.In the improper fraction the denominator value will be more than the numerator.But in the mixed fraction we have three parts.We can change the mixed fraction as improper fraction.
We can add,subtract,multiply and divide any two fractions.If we need to add or subtract any two fraction we need to consider the denominator of those fraction.If the denominators are same then we can put only one denominator out of two and we can combine the numerator values. If the denominators are not same then we have to take L.C.M for those fractions for making them as same denominator.Then only we can combine them.But if we want to multiply or divide two fractions we dont need to consider the denominators.We have to multiply the numerator of one fraction with the numerator of another fraction and the denominator of one fraction with the denominator of other.Using this basic rule you can try these fraction worksheets18

1. 12 ÷ 23

(A)  34
(B)  210
(C)  57

2. 53 ÷ 13

(A)  56
(B)  78
(C)  65

3. 512 ÷ 610

(A)  1415
(B)  1560
(C)  5072

4. 19 ÷ 65

> (A)  614
(B)  645
(C)  1427

5. 1911 ÷ 718

(A)  31398
(B)  37592
(C)  34277

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1. 34
2. 56
3. 5072
4. 645
5. 34277