In this page fraction word problems 5 we are going to see practice problem in the topic fraction and you can find the solution for this problem with detailed steps and explanation.

What are the points to be noticed when we add or subtract two or more fractions?

(i) Before adding or subtracting any two or three fractions first we need to consider the denominator of the fractions.

(ii) If the denominators are same,we can put only one denominator and we can add or subtract the numerator.

(iii) If we have different denominators, we should take L.C.M of the fraction and we need change them as same.Then we can add or subtract.

(iv) For multiplying two fractions we do not have to consider the denominators.We should multiply numerator with numerator and denominator with denominator.
fraction word problems 5  fraction word problems 5 

Fraction Word Problems 5

6 students went on a picnic.One student agreed to bear half of the expenses. The remaining 5 students shared the remaining expenses equally. What fraction of the expenses does each of 5 students pay?

Basic idea:

Let us consider x as the expenses spent on a picnic. One of the student is bearing half of the expenses.Remaining 5 students is sharing the expenses.Now we need to find the share of expenses of 5 students.

Solution :

Let "x" be the expense spent in a picnic

Share of one student = (x/2)

We can divide X as two  (x/2). Here one student is sharing the one part that (x/2). And the remaining 5 students will get one part of (x/2).

Share of remaining 5 students =  (x/2)  ÷ 5

                                          = (x/2) ÷  (5/1)

 Now we are going to change the division symbol as multiplication.So that we are going to change the second fraction as its reciprocal.

                                          = (x/2) x (1/5)

                                          = (Xx1)/(2x5)

                                          =  x/10   fraction word problems 5 
fraction word problems 5

(1) A fruit merchant bought mangoes in bulk. He sold

⅝ of the mangoes. 1/16 of the mangoes were spoiled. 300 mangoes remained with him. How many mangoes did he buy?   Solution

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(3) A ream of paper weighs 12 ½ kg What is the weight per quire, if 20 quire make one ream?  Solution

(4) It was Richard's birthday.He distributed 6 kg of sweets among her friends.If he gave ⅛  kg of sweet to each.How many friends are there?  Solution

(5) 6 students went on a picnic.One student agreed to bear half of the expenses. The remaining 5 students shared the remaining expenses equally. What fraction of the expenses does each of 5 students pay?Solution

(6) I have 2 ½ times money that David has. If i have $100,how much money does David have?  Solution

(7) In a basket there are two kinds of sweet packets. There are 7 packets of the first kind each weighing 1 ¼ kg and 9 packets of the second kind each weighing ¾ kg . What is the total weight of the sweets in the basket?    Solution

(8) How many half-liter bottles can be filled from a can containing 37 ½ liter of milk?    Solution

(9) A gentleman bought 200 liter of milk for a function. ⅘ of it was used for preparing candies. ¾ of the remaining milk was used for preparing coffee. How much of the milk remained.      Solution

(10) Two third of a tank can be filled in 18 minutes. How many minutes will it require to fill the whole tank? 

(11) A clerk works 4 ½ hours in the morning and 2 ⅘ hours in the afternoon. Find how many hours does she work each day?   Solution

(12) Mary had  4 ⅘ m of lace. She used 3m of a lace for a hand kerchief. How much lace did she have left? 

(13) An artist took  1 ½ hours to paint one picture. He took 1 ⅙ hours to paint another picture. How much time did he take to paint both pictures? Solution

(14) John had 5 ½ tins of paint. After painting a hall, he had 2 ¾ tins  of paint left. How many tins of paint did he use?Solution

(15) A brick of weights  2 ½ kg .A stone is 1 kg lighter than the brick. Find the weight of the stone required. 

(16) Mary used 1 ¾ bars of chocolate to make a cake. She used 1 ⅜ bars of chocolate to make a pudding.How many bars of chocolate did she use altogether?  Solution

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(20) Peter bought 1 ⅛ m of iron wire and 2 ⅔ m of copper wire. How much wire did he buy altogether?  Solution

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