How to multiply the rational expressions ?

If A/B and C/D are rational expressions and B and D are non-zero then,

Step 1 :

If the given two rational expressions are based multiplied, we have to multiply the numerator and numerator and multiply the denominator by the denominator.

Step 2 :

If it is possible do factoring and using algebraic identities find factors and simplify.

Step 3 :

After cancelling as much as possible, the left overs are answer.

Note :

Sometimes it may be necessary to use factorization and algebraic identities.

Problem 1 :

Solution :

Multiply numerators and denominators.

Problem 2 :

Solution :

Multiply numerators and denominators.

Problem 3 :

Solution :

Problem 4 :

Solution :

Problem 5 :

Solution :

Problem 6 :

Solution :

Problem 7 :

Solution :

Problem 8 :

Solution :

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