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Factoring Quadratic equations:

An equation which is in the form of ax² + b x + c =0,where a,b,c ∈ R and a≠0 is called a quadratic equation. Finding the roots of a quadratic equation is called as solving the quadratic equation.


 (1) Arrange the terms of the expression in the standard form.

 (2) Find the product of coefficients of x² and the constant term.

 (3) Split that value into two terms and the simplified value must be equal to the middle term.

 (4) Therefore  x² + (a+b) x + ab = (x+a) (x+b)  Factoring Worksheets



Question 1:

Factorize x² + 5 x + 6


Question 2:

Factorize x² - 2 x - 15


Question 3:

Factorize x² - 4 x + 3


Question 4:

Factorize y² - 21 y - 72


Question 5:

Factorize x² + 6 x + 5


Question 6:

Factorize x² + 2 x - 35


Question 7:

Factorize x² - 6 x - 7


Question 8:

Factorize x² - 18 x + 65


Question 9:

Factorize x² + 13 x + 30


Question 10:

Factorize x² + 22 x + 21


Question 11:

Factorize x² + 3 x - 28


Question 12:

Factorize x² - x - 30


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