Division is nothing but splitting in to equal parts.Let us consider the following example.

Example: there are 8 biscuits, and 4 friends want to share them, how do they divide the biscuits?

Answer: Divide 8 by 4.So each one will get 2 biscuits.

We use the symbol ÷ or /. If we divide 6 by 3 we will get 2 and if we divide 6 by 2 we will get 3.
Let us see how to write this using the symbol ÷ and /.
6 ÷ 3 = 2
6/3 = 2
Now let us see some example problems to understand the importance of learning this topic.

Example 1:
Robert is having 29 cookies He wants to give 3 cookies to each of his friends. If he is having 8 friends. Then how many cookies will be remaining with him?
Now we need to split 29 cookies as groups which is containing 3 cookies.
If we split 29 by 3 we will get 2 as reaming. That is 3 x 9 = 27. In other wards we say it as 29 = 3 x 9 + 2.

Example 2:
Mary poured ⅝ liter of apple juice equally in to 5 glasses. How much of apple juice was there in each glass?

Original quantity of apple juice = ⅝ liter

Number of glasses to be divide = 5

Quantity of apple juice in each glass = ⅝ ÷ 5

Here we can consider 5 as 5/1

= (⅝) ÷ (5/1)

we are going to change the divide as multiplication so that we have to change the second fraction as its reciprocal.The first fraction can be written as it is.
= (5/8) x (1/5)

= (5x1)/(8x5)

5 which is in numerator and denominator will get canceled.So we will have

= (1/8)

So the final answer is ⅛ liter

So ⅛ liter apple juice will get each glass.

Division to Word problems

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