Dividing Fractions Worksheets

In this page dividing fractions worksheets, you can get 5 worksheets on dividing two fractions.  Today, our students are learning the different concepts in math and other subjects. After having learned the concepts of math, the parents are in need of worksheets to give their children for practice. If the students learn the concepts of different topics in math in their text books, always they may not be able to remember what they have studied in their text book. For that, they need practice. Particularly for the students who are below average level, lots of practice is needed.

 To give practice to the students on the concepts which they have already learned in their text books, worksheets are needed. In order to fulfill the needs of worksheets for the parents and teachers, we give worksheets in our website that can be used by both teachers and parents to give their children for practice on the concepts which they have learned. We have given worksheets on different topics of math in our website.

 Here, in this page, we give worksheets on the topic dividing two fractions. Already the students would have learned about how to divide two fractions in their school or in their text book. Even if anyone has missed to learn how to divide two fractions, we have given that concept in the page dividing two fractions.

 Let us briefly recap what we have already covered the concept division of two fractions. We already know that how an integer can be divided by another integer. That is, we know how 6 can be divided by 3.

6/3 = 2

But, many students would be confused about how a fraction can be divided by another fraction.

For example, how the fraction 5/6 can be divided by 25/36.

It can be done as follows.

(5/6) / (25/36) = (5/6) X (36/25) = 180/150 = 6/5

By practicing the following dividing fractions worksheets given in this page, 'Dividing fractions worksheets' definitely you can get clear ideas to approach this kind of problems.

Quote on Mathematics

“Mathematics, without this we can do nothing in our life. Each and everything around us is math.

Math is not only solving problems and finding solutions and it is also doing many things in our day to day life.  They are: 

It subtracts sadness and adds happiness in our life.    

It divides sorrow and multiplies forgiveness and love.

Some people would not be able accept that the subject Math is easy to understand. That is because; they are unable to realize how the life is complicated. The problems in the subject Math are easier to solve than the problems in our real life. When we people are able to solve all the problems in the complicated life, why can we not solve the simple math problems?

Many people think that the subject math is always complicated and it exists to make things from simple to complicate. But the real existence of the subject math is to make things from complicate to simple.”

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