About the topic "Difficult problems on probability"

"Difficult problems on probability" is the topic in which students like to know how some difficult problems in probability to be answered.

Even though students can get this stuff on internet, they do not understand exactly what has been explained. 

To make the students to understand to solve difficult problems in  probability, we have explained the above mentioned stuff step by step.

Let us see, how difficult problems on probability can be answered.

Problem 1 :

A strabismus surgery has a probability of 0.9 of success in the first attempt and a probability of 0.98 of success in the second attempt. Use the techniques of tree diagrams to find the probability that the surgery will be successful within two attempts. (round four digits after the decimal)

Solution :

When we go through the question, we have to carefully look at the term "within two attempts".

We are going to get answer for our question from this term.

"Within two attempts" means "less than two attempts".

That is, no. of attempts allowed for success = 0, 1

We can not get success in 0 attempts. (That is, without any attempt, it is impossible to have success)

To satisfy the condition "within two attempts", possible no. of attempts can be made to get success = 1

From the the above tree diagram, it is very clear that the probability for success in the first attempt is 0.9.

Hence, probability that the surgery will be successful within two attempts = 0.9

More questions will be updated soon

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