Differentiation Using Substitution

In this page differentiation using substitution we are going to see some example problems to understand this topic better.

Example 1:

Differentiate sin⁻¹ (3x - 4x³) with respect to x


Let y = sin⁻¹ (3x - 4x³). First let us consider (3x - 4x³). If we plug sin θ instead of x in the given function we will get 3 sin θ - 4 sin ³ θ. This the formula for sin 3θ.

So put x = sin θ

          θ = sin⁻¹ x

y = sin⁻¹ [ 3(sin θ) - 4(sin θ)³ ]

y = sin⁻¹ [ 3 Sin θ - 4 sin³ θ ]

y = sin⁻¹ [  Sin 3θ ]

y = 3 θ

y = 3 sin⁻¹ x

differentiating with respect to x on both sides

dy/dx = 3(1/√(1 - x²))

dy/dx = 3/√(1 - x²)

Example 2:

Differentiate tan⁻¹ [ (1+x²)/(1-x²) ] with respect to x


Take y = tan⁻¹ [ (1+x²)/(1-x²) ]

Let t = [ (1+x²)/(1-x²) ]

So the function has become y = tan⁻¹ t

To differentiate this function with respect to x we have to write the formula required.

dy/dx = (dy/du) x (dt/dx)

t = [ (1+x²)/(1-x²) ]

For differentiating this we have to apply the quotient rule. So u = (1+x²) and v = (1-x²)

u' = 0 + 2x             v' = 0 - 2x

u' = 2x                  v' = -2x

(U/V)' =  [VU' - UV'] /V²

dt/dx = [(1-x²) 2x - (1+x²)(-2x)]/(1-x²)²

dt/dx = [(2x - 2x³) - (-2x - 2x³)]/(1-x²)²

dt/dx = [(2x - 2x³ + 2x + 2x³)]/(1-x²)²

dt/dx = [4x/(1-x²)²]

y = tan⁻¹ t

dy/dt = 1/(1+t²)

dy/dt = 1/(1+[(1+x²)/(1-x²)]²)

dy/dt = 1/(1+[(1+x²)²/(1-x²)²])

dy/dt = 1/[(1-x²)]²+[(1+x²)²]/(1-x²)]²)

dy/dt = (1-x²)]²/[(1-x²)]²+[(1+x²)²]

dy/dt = (1-x²)]²/[(1 + x⁴ - 2x²)+(1+ x⁴ + 2x²)]

dy/dt = (1-x²)²/(2 + 2x⁴)

dy/dx = (dy/dt) x  (dt/dx)

        = (1-x²)²/(2 + 2x⁴) x  4x/(1-x²)²

         = 4x/(2 + 2x⁴)

         = 4x/2(1+ x⁴)

dy/dx = 2x/(1+ x⁴)    differentiation using substitution

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Differentiation Using Substitution to First Principles

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