The area is nothing but the quantity which exposes the extension of two dimensional surfaces.This is one of the most important sub topics. 

Real life applications: 

These are the following practical applications of this topic: 

By using the concept of this topic, we may find 
1. Wood required to make a table. 
2. The land required to construct a building as we like. 
3. The space required to accommodate for a certain number of people. 
4. The space required to keep 10 boxes, if one box occupies 10 square inches. 

The above examples are some real applications of this topic. 
Apart from the above examples, we use this concept in many situations. 

Area - Application problems

1. A circus tent is in the form of a cylinder with a cone surmounted on the cylinder. Radius and the height of the cone is 40m and 60 m receptively. The height of the cylinder is 70m . Find the length of the given canvas required to cover the tent, if the width of the canvas is 2 m. 

2.A Rocket has been constructed in the form of a cylinder surmounted by a cone. The radius and the height of the cylinder are 2 and half m and 20 m receptively. What is the lateral surface area of the Rocket? 

3.A Vessel is in the form of hollow cylinder which has been surmounted on a hemispherical bowl.The diameter of a hemisphere is 14cm and the total height of a vessel is 13cm. Find the required curved surface-area of the vessel. In the above two situations, we have to use the concept of this topic to solve the problems. 

In the first example of above, to find the length of canvas needed,we need to find the curved (lateral) surface expansion of the cylinder and cone.Then we need to add both.Once we know the expansion of the canvas required, we should use the width of canvas given and find the length of the canvas required. 

In this problem, we actually don't find expansion,without finding the expansion, it is not possible to solve for the length of the canvas required. This is how we are solving real life problems based on this topic. 

Please lick the following links to find more about curved surface (later surface)and Total surface.

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    3.Problems on Curved Surface 

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