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In this page you can get free algebra worksheets for the topic algebra. It will be very useful to students who are in7th,8th and 9th grade students. The students must practice this kind of worksheets to get clear knowledge in algebra. You can find many different questions in these worksheets.

One of the most important topic in algebra is algebraic identities.This formulas will be useful not only in school days in college days too.Students must clear about these kinds of topis.By using these formulas even we can multiply the large numbers also.Let us consider the example. Multiply 256 x 244 many of them will multiply these two number directly  otherwise they will use calculators. There is another way to multiply this.

256 x 244 can be written in the form of (250+6) (250-6). This is the first step to be done. Now we have to remember the formula (a+b) (a-b). The formula is a^2-b^2. Instead of "a" we have 250 and instead of "b" we have 6. So now let us write them in the form of (250 )^2 . We can easily find 25 x 25 that is 625 if two zeros will be added at the end of the 625 it will become 62500 . Now we need to find the value of 6^2 that is 36.if we subtract 36 from 62500 it will become 62464.This is the final answer we will get if we multiply 256 x 244.

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    Algebra Worksheets to Identities

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