Definition of addition :

Addition concepts have been developed through hands-on experiences with countable objects or place value blocks. Addition is  "putting together" of two group of objects and finding how many in all. This will be very useful to kids who are in lower grade

How does the symbol look like?

Practical Examples

If a boy goes to shop and buys two types of articles,say Article A and Article B.In Article A he bought 20 and in Article B he bought 30. To find the total number of articles that he bought we have to add them.

Why do we have to practice these worksheets ?

You may use these worksheets to improve your knowledge. We have created these worksheets for the students who are in lower grade. Each question papers have 10 questions and you can check the answer simultaneously. You can also get the score of the test immediately on the score board. This will encourage the students who are try these worksheets.

Addition Worksheets

Practice worksheet 1

Practice worksheet 2

Practice worksheet 3

Practice worksheet 4

Practice worksheet 5

Practice worksheet 6

Practice worksheet 7

Practice worksheet 8

Practice worksheet 9

Practice worksheet 10

Practice worksheet 11

Practice worksheet 12

Practice worksheet 13

Practice worksheet 14

Practice worksheet 15

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