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In this ACT math practice test online 2,we give the questions whose qualities  are in high standard and practicing these questions will definitely make the students to reach their goal in ACT. 

Let us practice some ACT math questions.

Question 11:

Mr. Daniel is paid $1500 salary. He spends 20% of the salary for his kids education, 35% for food, 15% for miscellaneous and he saves the rest. How much money does he save?

(a) $300           (b) $350         (c) $400       (d) $450         (e) $500

Question 12:

Let "x" be a real number which satisfies the relations (2x-5)  > 2 and (3x+3) < 18. Which of the values can "x" take?

(a) 4               (b) 5               (c) 6               (d) 7             (e) 8

Question 13:

The retail price of a particular product is $3.00 per unit. What is the price of half of a box, if one box contains 42 units of the same product ?

(a) $63           (b) $67            (c) $56           (d) $72           (e) 49

Question 14:

In the triangle given below, BD is perpendicular to AC. If the area of the triangle ABC is 30 square units, then find the area of the triangle DBC ?

(a) 20               (b) 24               (c) 27               (d) 35             (e) 54

Question 15:

If one angle of a triangle is /6 and another angle is /3, then the third angle is

(a) /6           (b) /5          (c) /4            (d) /3           (e) /2

Question 16:

What is the ratio between the area of the square and circle given below?

(a) 3/           (b) /4          (c) 5/2∏            (d) /5           (e) 2/∏

Question 17:

Find the radius of the circle which is described by the equation

x² + 2x + y² - 4y = 4

(a) 1                 (b) 2                 (c) 3                (d) 4                 (e) 5

Question 18:

(a) -2                  (b) -1                (c) 0                   (d) 1               (e) 2

Question 19:

A square, a rectangle, a circle and a trapezoid are given. If we select one figure randomly, what is the probability that the figure has four right angles ?

(a) 0.5                (b) 0               (c) 0.75               (d) 1                (e) 0.25

Question 20:

If the two lines y = mx + b and 2y + x = 8 are perpendicular to each other and both the lines are passing through the point (2,2), find the value of "b".  

(a) -2                   (b) 1                 (c) 2                 (d) -1                (e) 4

This "ACT math practice test online 2" would be much help full for the students to face ACT math and secure good score. Because the above questions are prepared based on the previous ACT math questions. To check your answer for each math question given above, you have step by step video tutorial.    

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