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In this ACT math practice test online 1,we give the questions whose qualities  are in high standard and practicing these questions will definitely make the students to reach their goal in ACT. 

Let us practice some ACT math questions.

Question 1:

If x > 0 and  x² -2x -35 = 0, then the value of x² is 

(a) 16               (b) 25               (c) 36               (d) 49             (e) 64

Question 2:

On a sale, a particular product is discounted by 20%. The original price was $100. Then the price is raised to $120. What is the percentage increase from the discounted price to the new price?

(a) 20               (b) 30               (c) 40               (d) 50             (e) 60

Question 3:

If the radius of the circle is decreased by 20%, by what percent is its area decreased ?

(a) 26               (b) 36               (c) 46               (d) 56             (e) 66

Question 4:

In the triangle given below, AB = 18, DE = 12 and AD = 6. And also AB and DE are parallel, what is the length of DC?

(a) 18               (b) 11               (c) 16               (d) 12             (e) 14

Question 5:

Find x, if x√x = (x√x)x

(a) -1               (b) 0               (c) 1               (d) 2             (e) -2

Question 6:

One yard is three feet and one foot is twelve inches. How many inches are 5 yards?

(a) 180              (b) 110              (c) 160              (d) 120            (e) 140

Question 7:

If two primes are multiplied, the result must be,

(a) prime   (b) odd      (c) even     (d) negative     (e) composite

Question 8:

What is log9√3?

(a) 0.4            (b) 1.0            (c) 0.125            (d) 0.5           (e) 0.25

Question 9:

If t < 0 and (t-1)² = 16, what is the value of t²?

(a) 4                (b) 16               (c) -4               (d) 9                (e) 36

Question 10:

David is hired for a job that pays $600 per month and receives    10 % raise in each following month. In the third month, how much will David earn?

(a) $600         (b) $660           (c) $726          (d) $756       (e) $776

This "ACT math practice test online 1" would be much help full for the students to face ACT math and secure good score. Because the above questions are prepared based on the previous ACT math questions. To check your answer for each math question given above, you have step by step video tutorial.    

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