Remainder theorem and Factor theorem deal with polynomial division of higher degrees.We have these theorems in algebra particularly in school algebra


If a polynomial f(x) of degree n, which is divided by (x-a), then the remainder is f(a), which is a constant and f(x) can be written as

f(x) = q(x)(x-a)+f(a)

Where q(x) is the quotient polynomial with degree n-1.

Example 1

Find the remainder using Remainder theorem when the polynomial 3x³-2x²+6x-7 is divided by (x-2)


By this theorem(remainder)the remainder is f(2). So let us find the value of f(2)

f(2) = 3(2)³-2(2)²+6(2)-7

= 3(8)-2(4)+6(2)-7

= 24-8+12-7

= 21

The remainder is 21.

Now let us check this using synthetic division.

We got the same remainder as 21

Example 2

Find the remainder using the theorem of remainder when the polynomial 7x⁴-x²-3x+9 divided by (x-6).


By the Remainder-theorem,the remainder is f(6).

f(6) = 7(6)⁴-(6)²-3(6)+9

= 7(1296)-36-18+9

= 9072-36-18+9

= 9027

The remainder is 9027

We got same answer in both the methods. So we can use either one of the methods to find the remainder while dividing a polynomial by a binomial.

Factor theorem

"The binomial (x-a) is a factor of the polynomial f(x) if and only if f(a)=0"

In other words, ‘If we divide a polynomial f(x) by (x-a) and get the remainder 0, then (x-a) is called as the factor of f(x)’.

Example 1

Check whether (x-2) is a factor of the polynomial f(x)=x⁴-3x³+2x²+8x-16

Solution: f(2) = (2)⁴-3(2)³+2(2)²+8(2)-16

= 16-24+16+8-16

= 0

Here we get f(2)=0. So (x-2) is a factor.

We will verify the same by the synthetic division method.

Example 2

Check whether (x+4) is a factor of f(x)= x²-8x+16


f(-4) = (-4)²-8(4)+16

= 16-32 +16

= 32-32

= 0

So (x+4) is a factor of f(x)

These are the examples in the topic Remainder theorem.

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