Definition: Mode of a given set is the most often occurred value.

Example 1: The goals scored by a foot ball team in a series is given below:

              3,6,7,2,3,6,3,3,2. Find the most often occurred  value.


  • First we have to arrange them in order(either in ascending or descending).


  • Here the value most often occurred is 3(as it appeared for 4 times).  The value 2 and 6 appears only for 2 times. So most often occurred value of the given set is 3

Example 2: Find the mode of the given set {10,15, 5,10,10,5, 15,,10,,10,20}


  • First let us arrange the set in order. {5,5,10,10,10,10,10, 15,15, 20}
  • 5 occurs 2 times.

           10 occurs 5 times, and 

           15 occurs 2 times.

           So the most often occurred value is 10. The mode of the given

           set is 10.

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