Artificial intelligence has become an indispensable and powerful tool in the modern world. With the constant development and improvement of computer algorithms, we have become dependent on them, sometimes without even knowing it. 

Every time we see ads on Google and social media suggesting clothes, gadgets, coffee shops, restaurants, and tons of other things we earlier googled, liked, or even talked about - it is machine learning algorithms in action. They are based on prior experience and generated data.

To embrace the understanding of effective machine learning techniques, to obtain the practical experience and use it for your own purposes, there are various machine learning courses. Their goal is to teach you how to use machine learning in solving real-world problems.  

Below we compiled a list of the top machine learning courses that are in high demand and bring value. 

Machine Learning with Python - Coursera

This course offers you a comprehensive review of complex topics and the use of the program language Python in machine learning. It teaches you to understand new algorithms, makes clear necessary concepts and ideas. You will learn how machine learning helps websites to develop recommendations for customers.

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Neural networks form the base for deep learning. It is very close to the human brain. Neural networks consist of different layers of neurons that recognize the information or objects. Of course, you will find out much more if you take this course. It gives a clear review of new artificial intelligence systems that have recently appeared. The course is more advanced, so you need to master the basics of machine learning first.

AI for Everyone - Coursera

This course is really for everyone, starting from the very beginning. You will get acquainted with machine learning and deep learning and the possibilities of artificial intelligence. Professor Andrew Ng will explain difficult concepts in an easy to understand manner. You will find out how AI affects our everyday communication and jobs and how to implement it in your projects.

Advanced Machine Learning Specialization - Coursera

If you want to expand your knowledge about hands-on experience of complex programming, this course is definitely for you. Except for machine learning theories and methods, it includes algebra and Python programming. Professors will share real cases of solving different problems using machine learning for you to fill the gap between theory and practice. And if after taking this course, you decide to deepen your knowledge and get a degree in machine learning, get admission essay help and start the journey.

Pluralsight Machine Learning 

To take this course, you don't need any prior knowledge. Everything will be explained in detail, including the machine learning process and necessary terminology. You will get to create your own machine learning program, learn how to use it, and experiment with it. After several lessons, you will understand how machine learning can help you with your projects. 

Machine Learning Course - Udacity

It is an exciting course, which deals with predictions of true or false regression models. You will learn how machine learning helps to recognize faces via camera to prevent or solve various crimes. Experienced professors make this course easy to understand by explaining everything clearly and using lots of examples. And materials are presented in the dialogue form.

Mathematics for Machine Learning Specialization - Coursera

As you have understood, you will develop your knowledge of mathematics for machine learning. Of course, you need to have some basics in Math to keep up with the given information. It also improves your intuition related to machine learning. Calculations, different metrics and vectors, linear algebra, principal component analysis, and mini-projects with Python are all in this course. The course requires quite some time and dedication. If you have too many other assignments to do, think about getting help at essayservice.com

Machine Learning Course Udemy 

There are tons of courses on Udemy, and you can choose the one you need. It can include data analysis techniques and digital media, web analytics and page rank, machine learning without learning, and much more. This course, in particular, will help you to apply machine learning to your work, no matter whether you are a programmer or a marketer.

Data Science : Machine Learning - edX 

With this comprehensive course, you will dive into science projects. First, you will gather some information to answer specific questions, and then you go to data acquisition and its organization, which includes cutting off needless information. With the help of analysis, you will learn how to use this information and choose the model for your future business. It sure sounds complex, but it is exciting at the same time.

Mastering machine learning is quite challenging, but one of these courses will help you learn different techniques and apply them in real life. Choose the one that is most suitable for you and will help you develop your projects and achieve the set goals.

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