7th Grade Worksheet14

In this 7th grade worksheet14, you can find 10 problems on math which are in the level of 7 th grade.Online math 4 all gives collections of work sheets from all the grades.You may practice each set of worksheets and also you check your answers that will help you to evaluate the knowledge.

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Here is 7th Grade Worksheet14

1.A clock is sold for $189 at a loss of 10%.What is the cost price of clock?

(A) $210
(B) $251
(C) $182

2.Find the discount on a book marked at $180 and discount at 15%.

(A) 18
(B) 13
(C) 27

3.The three angles of quadrilateral are 78°,105°,120°

(A) 95°
(B) 57°
(C) 90°

4.Squares of even numbers are always ____________

(A) odd
(B) even
(C) neither odd nor even

5.625 students are sitting in a lawn in such a way that there is many students in a row as there are rows in a lawn. Find the number of rows in a lawn.

(A) 25
(B) 15
(C) 35

6.Which of the following are cubes of even numbers?

(A) 216
(B) 1331
(C) 3375

7.The volume of a cubical box is 46.656 cubic meters.Find the length of the side of a cubical box?

(A) 1.5 m
(B) 2.6 m
(C) 3.6 m

8.Simplify √84 ÷ √7

(A) 2√5
(B) 2√3
(C) 3√2

9.By selling the watch for $785 a dealer losses 5%. Find the cost price.

(A) $715.12
(B) $815.20
(C) $826.32

10.If the same number is added to both the numerator and denominator of a fraction 3/5,then the result is 3/4.Find the number.

(A) 2
(B) 5
(C) 3

These are the questions on math prepared in 7th grade worksheet14 based on the curriculum of 7th grade.Students should practice this type of question to improve their knowledge.Here we have given many question papers for students.

1. $210

2. 27

3. 57°

4. even

5. 25

6. 216

7. 3.6 m

8. 2√3

9. $826.32

10. 3

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