Question 1 :

The sum of (-3) and (-8) is

(A) -11      (B) -5     (C) 5


Question 2 :

A work was assigned to me on a Tuesday. I completed to work after 72 days. On what day, i completed the work.

(A) Wednesday     (B) Thursday     (C) Saturday


Question 3 :

Find the value of x.

(A) 150       (B) 125       (C) 117


Question 4 :

Evaluate : (2/3) + (1/3) - 1

(A) 2       (B) 0         (C) 1


Question 5 :

A Person hears a sound from some where. The sound travels one mile for five seconds. If the person is 10 miles away from the place where the sound is made, how long does it take for the sound to reach the person?

 (A) 57 seconds      (B) 25 seconds      (C) 50 seconds


Question 6 :

James travels in his car at the rate of 50 miles per hour. If he wants to travel 275 miles, how long will it take for him to reach his destination ?

(A) 5 hours 30 minutes          (B) 4 hours 25 minutes

(C) 1 hour 15 minutes


Question 7 :

Mike earns 5.5% commission on his cell phone sales. In may, he earned a total of $428.56 in commissions. What was his sales that month?  

(A) 7005       (B) 7792           (C) 7045


Question 8 :

Ronald starts to work in an office with the initial salary of $2000. Every year he gets increment of $100. What will be his salary in his 25th year?

(A) 5200       (B) 4400        (C) 1250 


Question 9 :

Sophia has a garden whose measurements are 30 feet by 40 feet. She wants to put a sidewalk around the garden that is 3 feet wide. What is the area of the sidewalk in feet ?

(A) 520 square ft     (B) 456 square ft    (C) 125 square ft


Question 10 :

Mr. Ken wants to buy a TV set. The list price of TV set is $1500. The seller allows a discount of 10% from the list price and charges 10% tax on cash paid after discount. How much does Mr.Ken have to pay?

(A) $ 1420   (B) $ 1320   (C) $ 1485


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