Fraction plays special role in math. It means the part of an entire object.

it consists of two numbers separated by a line. To represent it we use horizontal line to separate the upper part (how many parts are taken into consideration) and lower part (the total number of parts).

Upper part is called as numerator and lower part is called as denominator.

For example consider the following diagram. The circle is divided into four parts and one part is colored with yellow color and remaining three parts are colored with pink color. We represent the part with yellow color as 1/4 .The three parts colored with pink color are represented as 3/4.

In the next diagram the rectangle is divided into 8 parts. Four smaller rectangles are colored with pink color and remaining 4 are colored with yellow color.

In the fractional number 1/4

1 is called as numerator and 4 is called as denominator.

  • 3/3 or 2/2 or 8/8 also form of  fractional numbers. But it always represents the whole number 1.
  • Every whole number can be represented in fractional form by writing the number as the numerator and 1 as the denominator. The number 8 can be written in fractional form as 8/1. In the following links you can understand how to add, subtract, multiply and divide two fractional numbers with same denominator and different denominator.

We have three types of fractional numbers.

1. Proper

2. Improper

3. Mixed

The first one is normal like the previous example (2/7). Always the numerator will be more than the denominator. In the improper one,   the denominator value will be more than the numerator. But in the mixed one we have three parts which is one whole number and one fractional number. We can change the mixed number as improper. We can add,subtract, multiply and divide any two fractional numbers.

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