Question 19 to 20

In this page question 19 to 20 we are going to see practice problem in the topic fraction and you can find the solution for this problem with detailed steps of explanation. Before adding or subtracting any two or three fractions first we need to consider the denominator of the fractions. If the denominators are same then we can put only one denominator and we can add or subtract the numerator.Other wise if we have different numbers in both denominators then we should take L.C.M of the fraction and we need change them as same.Then we can add or subtract.For multiplying two fractions we do not have to consider the denominators.We can multiply numerator with numerator and denominator with denominator.

Question 19:

Peter spends 3 ½ hours for doing his home work,3 hours for reading novels and 1 ¾ hours for playing games. How much time does he spend in all?


(A) 35/4

(B) 33/4

(C) 38/9


Question 20:

Peter bought 1 ⅛ m of iron wire and 2 ⅔ m of copper wire. How much wire did he buy altogether?


(A) 91/24

(B) 95/8

(C) 69/5


Like this you can get 20 question in the topic fractions.This will be very useful to the students.You can try these worksheets like a quiz.If you need any reference to this problem you can also find the solution in the bottom every question.The solution will be more details and easy to understand.If you have any doubts in these questions you can also mail us to get clear clarification.Online math 4 all gives collections of sheets in all the grades.You may practice each set of papers and also you check your answers that will help you to evaluate the knowledge.Teachers and parents also can help the children to practice these papers and improve their knowledge. If you are having  any difficulties to understand any step in the solution  please Contact us via mail.  We will send you step by step detailed solution.
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