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Definition :

When we express a quantity as a part of 100, we use the word per cent. "Cent" means hundred."Percent" means per hundred. To understand this topic clearly let us consider the following example.

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A man had $360000 worth of property. He left 60% of his property to his much did his son get?

Basic idea:

In this problem a man is having $360000 worth of property.He had left 60% of his property to his son.Now we need to find how much did his son get on his father's property.To solve this problem we have to find 60% of total worth.Here total worth of the property is $360000.

Total worth of property  =   360000

Worth of property got by the boy  =  60% of total worth

                                              =  60% x 360000

                                              =  (60/100) x 360000

                                              =  (60 x 360000)/100

Two zeroes in numerator and denominator will get canceled

So we will get

                                              =  60 x 3600

                                             =  216000

worth of property got by the boy= $ 216000

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