Multiplication Word Problem4to6

In this page multiplication word problem4to6 we are going to see the first problem using the concept multiplying fractions.First you can find the question,then you can get basic idea for that problem then you can find solution with detailed steps.

Question 4:

Jennifer had 18 picture cards. She gave  ⅓ of them to Mary. How many picture cards does she have now?

Basic idea:

In this problem Jennifer had 18 pictures and she gave ⅓ to here friend.Now we need to find how many pictures she had now.To solve this problem we have to find 1/3 part of original number of pictures.That is (1/3) of 18.And we have to subtract this from the original number of pictures 18.This will e the final answer.


No of picture cards does Jennifer have  = 18 

No of picture cards gave to Mary = 18 x  ⅓
                                            =  18/3

                                            =  6

Remaining number of

pictures  = Original number of pictures - Number of pictures gave to Mary  
            = 18 - 6 

remaining no of picture does Jennifer have = 12 

Question 5:

Mr.John weights 80 kg. His son is ⅗ as heavy. Find their total weight.

Basic idea:

Here John's weight is 80 kg and his son is ⅗ as heavy.Now we need to find the total weight.For that we have to add the weight of John with the weight of his son.

Weight of John = 80 kg

Weight of his son = 80 x

                        =  (80 x 3)⁄5

                        =  240⁄5

                        = 48 kg

Total weight  = Weight of John + Weight of his son

                   = 80 kg + 48 kg

                   =  128 kg

Question 6:

A man gets $450 per month. He gives ⅛  of the amount to his wife and ⅙  to his children. How much will each get? 

Basic idea:

In this problem a man is getting $450 per month. He is giving 1/8 of the amount to his wife.1/6 to his children and now we need to find how much will each student is getting.To solve this problem we have to find 1/8 part from the original amount and 1/6 part from the original amount.

Monthly earning of a man = $ 450

Amount given to his wife  = 450 x 

                                   = (450 x 1)/8   

                                   = 450/8

                                   = 56.25

Amount given to his children  = 450 x

                                        =  (450 x 1)/6

                                        =  75

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