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Math Videos are major sources for the students to learn math for their convenience. If a student goes to attend a particular class on math, he has to concentrate completely and take notes of what is taught in the class. And the student can not record each and everything explained by the tutor in the class. The student would be taking notes of only some important points. When the student is out of concentration for few seconds, the tutor may say some important points. And the student may not have chance to ask the tutor to repeat that. In this situation, if the student wants to recap what has been taught or explained about a particular thing in the class, he may have confusion. 

If the student has the video recording of that particular class, he can replay video of the class and recap any moment of the class as per the requirement. So if the students have video of all classes, at any time they can play video of any particular class and get what they wanted. Having video of a particular topic is like a teacher being with the students.

To know more about the importance of math videos, let us consider the following incident.

“In the beginning of an academic year, a student is studying in a school. At that time, a teacher in the school teaches some topics in math. He takes notes of that. At the end of the year, the student is preparing for his final exam. At the time of his preparation, he forgets many things in math which he had learned in the beginning of the academic year. Now he needs help of the teacher to explain what he does not remember. But it is bit difficult for the teacher to clear all the doubts in school. In this situation, the parents of the student may have to hire a tutor to make the students to recap what actually he does not remember. When the tutor is hired, the tutor has to be paid and the money paid to the tutor is additional expense to the parents.

From the above incident, it is very clear that it happens to many students. And parents may have to spend some money to overcome the above mentioned problem. To avoid this, the students must have videos of what they learn. In this page, we provide videos on math to make learning better. The videos we have given on this page are not final. Everyday we update new videos on various topics in math. Please visit our website often to get new videos on math.               

To see video of a particular topic, please click on the link provided.

  1. Solving Absolute Value Equation
  2. Expanding Expression Using Algebraic Identities
  3. Proving Trigonometric Equations Using Identities
  4. Nature of the Roots of a Quadratic Equation
  5. Analytical Geometry Problem
  6. Simple Interest
  7. Compound Interest
  8. Effective Rate of Interest
  9. Fundamental Principles of Counting
  10. Basic Concepts of Permutation
  11. Problems on Permutation
  12. Problems on Permutation 1
  13. Problems on Permutation 2
  14. Problems on Permutation 3
  15. How to solve the quadratic equation x2+5x+6=0 using the method factoring
  16. Problems on Quadratic Equations
  17. Problems on Quadratic Equations 1
  18. Problems on Quadratic Equations 2
  19. Complex Problem on Quadratic Equation
  20. Word Problem on Quadratic Equation
  21. Difficult Problem on Quadratic Equation
  22. Define Absolute Value as a Piecewise Function
  23. Define Absolute Value as a Piecewise Function Part II
  24. Compound Interest Geometric Sequence
  25. Compound Interest and Simple Interest compared
  26. Depreciation Geometric Sequence
  27. How to find inverse of a function
  28. How to find inverse of a log function
  29. Problems on irrational numbers
  30. Solving Complex Conjugate Problems
  31. Solving a difficult problem on Indices
  32. Solving a difficult problem on Indices(Part-II)
  33. GMAT Word Problems
  34. GMAT Quantitative Section - Practice Questions
  35. Problems on Limits and Continuity
  36. Problems on Limits and Continuity (Part-1)
  37. Word Problems on Ratio and Proportion
  38. GMAT - Problems on Ages
  39. Difficult Problems on Logarithms
  40. Problems on Logarithms
  41. Problems on Ages(Part-1)-GMAT
  42. Problems on Ages(Part-2)-GMAT
  43. Time and Work Problems Tricks-GMAT
  44. Time and Work Problems Tricks(Part-1)-GMAT
  45. Trigonometry Word Problems
  46. Derivative of Absolute Value Function
  47. Problems on Sequence and Series
  48. Difficult Problems on Permutation and Combination
  49. Problems on Speed and Distance
  50. Solving GMAT math problems (Part-1)
  51. Solving GMAT math problems (Part-2)
  52. Solving GMAT math problems (Part-3)
  53. Quantitative Tricks(Part-1)
  54. Quantitative Tricks(Part-2)
  55. Quantitative Tricks(Part-3)
  56. Quantitative Tricks(Part-4)
  57. Quantitative Tricks(Part-5)
  58. Difference between Reflexive and Identity relation
  59. Quantitative Tricks(Part-6)

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