Grade 1 math

Grade 1 math gives opportunity for kids, to have fun and at the same time to learn about fundamental knowledge of numbers, counting skills. Today, most of the students across the world find to difficult to learn math. They feel math is a difficult subject to learn. But, the fact is not that. In math , once we understand the concept very clearly , math will never be a difficult subject to learn. The way of learning and teaching only can make math as easiest subject to the students. In the aim of making learning math as joyful and fun, we have created some contents on this page to learn math joyfully. For that we have introduced some fun methods to learn math especially for kids.By using those methods on this page,students can completely enjoy learning with fun in this page.

By using the contents on this page and worksheets,apart from the students , teachers also can learn some new play way methods of teaching math.

If we are going to teach math for college going students are the students who are in the grades 10,11 and 12, we can teach the concept exactly as what we have in the book. But, if we want to teach math for a 1st grade student, we can not use the way which is being followed to the higher grade students. Because , small kids can not have their complete concentration on studies. when we follow the way that we apply for higher grade students. Usually 1st grade student would be more interested in playing with other kids, toys etc., So we have to teach math to those students in a different way which must be fun and joyful.

Here you can practice problems in topics like, numbers, counting, adding single digit number, subtracting numbers, comparing and so on.

Parents and teachers can guide their children to learn and practice the basic knowledge about numbers, counting skills, comparing and so on.

You can practice the work sheet given here and if you have any doubt please Contact Usthrough mail, and we will solve and send the problem.

Here we have given some worksheets which is having mixed questions for preschool students.Students must practice this kind of worksheets to refresh their knowledge.Teachers and parents also can help the students to solve these set of question papers.

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

Sheet 3

Sheet 4

Sheet 5

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