Set word problems

In Set word problems page we  see word problems involving sets.  In these question we have to apply one or more set operations. Some problems involving proving set laws. We are going to use venn diagrams to solve the problems.

There are 40 students in a class. 20 take Chemistry and 25 take French. 8 students take both.

  1. Find how many students take none.
  2. How many are there in at least one classes?


At a breakfast buffet, 20 people chose coffee and 17 chose juice. 10 people chose both coffee and juice. If each person chose at least one of these beverages, how many people visited the buffet?


There are 30 players in a group.10 play soccer, 12 play tennis, 15 play golf.  3 players play both soccer and tennis. 5 players play both tennis and golf. 4 players play both soccer and golf. 2 play all three games.

  1. Find how many play only soccer, only tennis and only golf?
  2. Find how many play none


When a group of 25 students are surveyed 6 like ice cream, 12 like hot dogs and 15 like burger. One student said he likes all three. 3 like ice cream and hot dogs and 3 like ice cream and burger.

  1. How many like hot dogs and burger but not ice cream?
  2. How many like ice cream only?


100 students were interviewed: 28 took chemistry, 32 took Biology, 40 took Physics, 9 took Chemistry and Biology, 10 took Chemistry and Physics, 8 took Biology and Physics and 4 took all three.

  1. How many students took none of the three subjects?
  2. How many students took Chemistry and Biology but not Physics?


 The above problems includes set operations like union and intersection. Students can practice the problems using the worked out problems. Parents and teachers can guide the students to solve the problems. If any doubt is there you can contact us through mail. We will clear all your doubts.

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