Power set

Power set is nothing but the set which contains all possible sub sets of a particular set.

Let us consider a set which has been named as set A. There are “n” numbers of elements in the set A. That is “n” is the cardinal-number of the set “A”. Now power-set of A is also a set which is having all the possible sub sets of A and that particular set is denoted as P(A). Since there are “n” umber of elements in the set A, we will have 2n elements in the power-set of A.

That is n[ P(A) ] = 2 n

In other words, power-set of any set A is set of all subsets of A, including itself and empty set.

Now, let us come to know about “Cardinal-number of a set” in more detail.

Cardinal-number of a set: The cardinal-number of a set is the number of all elements in the set. If there are “n” numbers of elements in the set A, then the cardinal-number of the set A is “n”. In symbolic representation, we have n (A) = 7. The cardinal-number of a set A is denoted by n (A).

For example: In the set A={a,b,c}, the number of elements in A is 3. So, n(A)=3.

To have better understanding about cardinal number-of a set, we can consider the following examples.

In the set B = {0}, there is one element zero. So n (B) = 1, “0” has to be considered as one element.

In the set C = { }, there are no elements. So n (c) = 0.

Write power-set of 1.A={a,b} 2.B={1,2,3} and also write the number of power sets.


1. The proper subsets of A are {a} and {b}.

So,P(A)={{},{a}, {b},{a,b}}.


2. The proper subsets of B are {1}, {2}, {3}, {1,2}, {1,3}, {2,3}.

So the P(B) = {(),{1}, {2}, {3}, {1,2}, {1,3}, {2,3}, {1,2,3}}.


n(P(B))=23= 2x2x2=8.



Care should be taken to include empty set ({ }) and the set itself in the power-set along with the proper subsets.

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